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Duane Burnett's dog Tundra in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Tundra had a memorial dog friendly drinking fountain dedicated to him by the Mayor of Sechelt John Henderson at Mission Point Park in Sechelt, BC. He has a second memorial grave where he was buried adjacent to Clayton Park. Tundra passed away Janurary 27th, 2010 and was a popular celebrith dog attending hundreds of community events with Duane.
Duane Burnett’s dog Tundra in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Tundra had a memorial dog friendly drinking fountain dedicated to him by the Mayor of Sechelt John Henderson at Mission Point Park in Sechelt, BC. He has a second memorial grave where he was buried adjacent to Clayton Park. Tundra passed away January 27th, 2010 and was a popular celebrity dog attending hundreds of community events with Duane.

Raising funds for wheelchair accessible and dog friendly drinking water fountains in loving memory of Tundra, my long time companion and angel. The campaign was started on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada and I would like to see other communities join in and install water fountains to help get us off of plastic water bottles.



DONATIONS can be made at any branch of the Sunshine Coast Credit Union https://www.sunshineccu.com/


NEW: St Mary’s Hospital Auxiliary dedicates dog drinking bowl to Tundra…




Duane Burnett shows off one of the dog and people friendly drinking water fountains being installed at Mission Point Park in Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast BC.


Fundraising help greatly appreciated by community groups, businesses associations and corporations.



captchrispike “This remains one of the most amazing music videos ever.”


jessica mcclendon “that pretty much sums it up for me. unfortunately I had
to give my five dogs away that I’ve had since they were puppies. it is totally
broken my spirit and heart. I’ve been looking for the perfect song
beside the sad ones and this says it thank you.”







Memorial Dedication Photo
Sechelt Mayor John Henderson and Duane Burnett,

Sechelt Mayor John Henderson and Duane Burnett dedicate a dog friendly drinking fountain to "Tundra" at Mission Point Park, in Davis Bay, BC.
Sechelt Mayor John Henderson and Duane Burnett dedicate a dog friendly drinking fountain to “Tundra” at Mission Point Park, in Davis Bay, BC.

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Paw Prints on our Hearts

 Tundra's Accessible Dog & People Friendly Drinking Fountain


Tundra is my wonderful companion who joins me on some amazing adventures every day on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

He was found tossed out of a car by some kids at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC where my dear friends united us together when he was a ‘tiny’ puppy just as I moved back to live on the Sunshine Coast.

My friend telephoned me saying he had THE dog for me to take to the coast and my first question was “Is he gorgeous?” My friend said Yes! “Does he shed?” NO! LOL My mom nicknamed him ‘Snow Drift’

He is an amazing blessing and spirit in my life who has been faithfully at by my side during some tumultuous inner upheaval and I dedicate this gallery to him and to Unconditional Love in ALL of us.

Tundra is a Siberian Wolf or so I have sleuthed asking other pet owners. His eyes are glacial ice and he is white with blond highlights. The blue eyed blond in my life! LOL

WATCH: “Everything Reminds Me of my Dog” Jane Siberry VIDEO Tribute
Tundra’s VIDEO has had over 12,000 views in the past year from around the world showcasing what a great place the Sunshine Coast is to vacation or live if you love dogs. It features a song by iconic Canadian singer Jane Siberry who kindly gave me permission to use her quirky fun song “Everything Reminds Me of my Dog”


I was watching a show on the Aboriginal Television Network about sled dogs and I think possibly Tundra could be a descendant of the Canadian Inuit Dog which ran wild for millennium in the North and is facing extinction.


I really thought long about the right name for him when we first met. Names to me carry vibration with them and the Tundra is such a vast beautiful place and majestic symbol of Canada and our planet that it just felt right.

I have always been so concerned about our planets’ health since a child and being Tundra is a dog from the North and our ice caps our melting and our planet dying, It just seemed perfect. I hope his name vibrates great positive energy and awareness about Global Warming. That we will all rise to our Earth. Even if its one dog’s name at a time.


Sometimes I thinks I take five pictures of Tundra for every one picture I take of the Sunshine Coast. LOL He is always sitting patiently for me to take my photo and I turn around to see where he is and I just can’t help myself but take a photo of him.

Please enjoy and thank you so much for visiting my website!

All the best, Duane & Tundra

Don’t forget to watch and share my Youtube Music Video of the Sunshine Coast (turn up the volume!) ENJOY!


RIP TUNDRA ~ January 27, 2010
Loved and missed by family, friends and community.
Coast Reporter Feb 5, 2010.

Tundra, a white Siberian Husky with glacial ice eyes and long-time companion of photographer and actor Duane Burnett, passed away Wednesday morning, January 27, 2010 at 4 a.m.



Tundra’s last night was enjoyed at a wonderful bonfire drum circle with friends in the beautiful night air and a ride home with the car window down, his head stuck out the window and his tongue a’wagging. Tundra’s passing was quick and peaceful with Duane by his side comforting him on his spiritual journey.

Tundra was seen with Duane at hundreds of Sunshine Coast community events, as well as in numerous newspapers, magazines, theatre screens and websites. He had a wonderful life and beautiful retirement years. He touched the lives of many on the Sunshine Coast and will be greatly missed.

Pupsicles a cool treat for a hot dog! Join the “Pupsicles” facebook page!

Rest in peace, Tundra!
Over 200 messages of condolence on Wednesday alone — deepest appreciation. I am truly touched by how much the Sunshine Coast loves Tundra. ~ Duane Burnett ~

Donations and fundraising gratefully appreciated towards a living memorial to put accessible dog and people friendly drinking water fountains in parks and along the waterfront walkways of the Coast. The Sunshine Coast Credit Union has set up an account, Tundra’s Drinking Fountain Fund, for donations from the community.

You can also join “Tundra’s Dog Drinking Fountain” Facebook page to help out.




Tundra’s Memorial Fountain Installed at Davis Bay
by Beverly Saunders, Sustainable Coast Magazine




Its Always a Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane Burnett


Campbell River BC on Vancouver Island, across the Straight of Georgia and the Sunshine Coast mainland installs accessible and dog friendly drinking fountain along city’s Seawalk!  Campbell River walkers can now enjoy one of the city’s most popular routes with their furry best friend. The people fountain installed at the Simms Creek lift station on the city’s Seawalk sports a $500 add-on dog fountain, eliminating the need to pack water for four-legged companions.  SPCA animal care attendant Stephanie brought along six-year-old Dug, the chow-lab mix that was available for adoption at that time, to check out the new fountain installation.



Check out the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dogdrinkingfountains

Flickr Photo Album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/duaneburnett/sets/72157602509463041/

Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1hjM-VknFc






  1. They sure picked an ugly dog for this add campaign. Is it supposed to make us feel sorry for the pooch and donate?

  2. Jon- the picture is of Tundra, Duane’s long time canine companion. Tundra was a beautiful big dog, who was known and loved by so many on the sunshine coast as is Duane, who is always out and about photographing community events, and rarely seen without Tundra by his side. Tundra passed away a year ago January after suffering a number of health difficulties (mainly age related) and Duane started this campaign in memorium, hence the name, Tundra’s Drinking Fountain Campaign.

  3. What a lovely idea, inspired by a absolutely beautiful dog!

    Jon, put your glasses on and if you don’t have any GET SOME!!!!!

  4. Hey Duanne
    Is there any way you could incorporate some bricks into the design of the fountains?? I was thinking you could then sell bricks/plaques so that other pet owners could buy a little memorial space on the fountains for their dogs. It might help you raise funds. Just an idea. All the best! (and BTW that was one good looking dog 🙂

  5. Meghan thanks for the great idea and your kind words… I have discussed landscaping the area around the fountain with bricks to honour peoples furry loved ones which would help with fundraising… I have been really ill this past year so hopefully the community can help me get back on track 😀 Duane

  6. I think you may be right Garreth, its more about raising funds and awareness to help communities install drinking fountains to get us off plastic water bottles. I am going to have to face the reality sooner then later eh. His video has been seen by 14,400 people many who never heard of the Sunshine Coast so a great ambassador for tourism and helping the coast.

  7. Garreth you are wrong about that a lot of us here on the Sunshine Coast DO give a f..k about Tundra and the fact that Tundra was a great friend to many of us. The drinking fountains for dogs and people, whether wheelchair bound or not, is happening and about bloody well time too!!!! So Garreth, if you are not in favour of these things please do not make any rude comments it just shows how little you seem to care. Take the energy you expended into something worthwhile…please. Peace bro

  8. Tundra was the most beautiful dog I have ever seen…I remember seeing the first picture of her …and saying OMG ..”.that dog is smiling”…that is the image that remains with me …wish I could have known her !!xo TUNDRA.

  9. Duane…Sylvia and I both commend you for Tundra’s Drinking Fountain Campaign and we will be supporting it through the Sunshine Coast Credit Union. We lost our golden retriever, Sadie Ann, and completely empathize with your loss of Tundra. There were plenty of times we’d wish there was canine water sources in our parks, especially along the waterfront.

  10. Hi there!
    We are desperately hoping you can help spread the word about a newly-adopted retired sled dog who’s missing in Sechelt!
    His name is Apex and we have a poster which contains all the contact #s and some photos and I would be more than happy to email to you.
    He’s extremely nervous and as he had only been with his new family for a few days (he had been adopted from Victoria) before he bolted when his mom tripped and accidentally dropped his leash. His most noticable feature is that he’s missing the top portion of his right ear.
    There’s a chance he’s out in the woods so we’re hoping to connect with any outdoor adventurists to keep their eyes open and call the contact numbers (or the local SPCA) with any sightings.
    Many thanks for your time.

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