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Rare Sighting of Three Cougars on Roberts Creek Beach

January 8, 2014
A very rare sighting of 3 cougars traveling together along Flume Beach in Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, BC. Photo courtesy Greg Carter special to

Rare photos of 3 cougars traveling together along the beach.

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40th Anniversary Beachcombers Exhibit

August 17, 2013

New exhibit celebrates 40 years of the iconic Canadian CBC TV Series "The Beachcombers" filmed in Gibsons, BC.

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Beachcombers 40th Makes Headlines

September 23, 2012
The Vancouver Sun

Even after 40 years The Beachcombers and Molly's Reach are still making headlines.

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Celebrating The Beachcombers 40th

February 19, 2012
Filming on The Beachcombers CBC TV series set outside Relic's houseboat in Gibsons, BC.. You can see both the Persephone and Relic's jet boat aka "Highballer". Plus actors Bruno Gerussi who played Nick Adonidas; Robert Clothier who played Relic, Pat John who played Jesse Jim; as well as Jackson Davies who played Contstable John Constable. This photo I believe is circa 1977-78 and was taken by me as a young child and fan of the show and television production while spending the summer in Gibsons Landing at my Aunt Marilyn ne Hollowink and Uncle Harry Laing's place. I remember getting second degree sunburns watching the filming all day only to see it pass in seconds on when it aired on TV every Sunday night at 7pm after Walt Disney. PHOTO (C) Duane Burnett

A quick look back at The Beachombers archives celebrating the CBC TV series 40th Anniversary!

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Check this Sweet Beachcombers Gingerbread House of Molly’s Reach

December 11, 2011
A replica of the famous Molly's Reach, home of the long running CBC Beachombers TV Series, which put Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada on the world map. Photography Duane Burnett

Creating a gingerbread house of the most famous building in Gibsons takes a lot of smarties and icing

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Watch VIDEO of Sidestix forearm crutches on CBC’s Dragon’s Den TV show

December 1, 2011
Duane Burnett and Sarah Doherty, owner of Sidestix forearm crutches at their CBC Dragon's Den TV debut GALA in Sechelt, BC. Photo Christine Wood, Coast Reporter.

Watch the video of the CBC Dragon's Den TV segment with Sidestix forearm crutches!

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Holy Crap Celebration of Success Video Highlights

October 29, 2011
Don Cherry impersonator Clark Robinson and Duane Burnett at the Holy Crap gold celebration of their new Gibsons BC factory and worldwide success. Photo Chris Mortenson.

Video highlights from the Holy Crap GALA celebrations of their new cereal factory in Gibsons BC..

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