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Not just advertising…
it’s  E-vertising!


Got a new line of clothing or product, a special promotion, awesome event, want to take part in a holiday contest or just one of the fun contests I run throughout the year?

My social network includes 1000’s of Sunshine Coast friends and people from all over
Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, British Columbia, across Canada and the world.

Social media is a dynamic exciting viral way to reach your customers, many
who don’t read traditional print media, listen to the radio station, or even have a television.

Advertorials especially are long lasting as people will be searching for information that you the expert already know and can share.

#1 in Social Media Advertising
on the Sunshine Coast


Thanks to Duane Burnett, social media promoter extraordinaire!
You want to get your business noticed in the social media world?
(and believe me you do), get in touch with Duane and take your
business to the next level!” Darcy Perry, Lucky’s Smokehouse





Non-Profit Event Sponsor $59.
Includes business Ad at top of Article
Example: Show ‘N Shine

 Combine it with a Facebook Boost for only $15 more… see below*


Business Feature $99.
Corporate Feature $229.
Great to build your presence on the internet,
network and present your products or expertise!
Example: Cactus Flower Fashions
Example: Money Clutter
Example: LeHigh Open House




Awesome Contests
Biggest Best Viral Contests Ever!
$159 (small biz) $299 (corporate)
I’ve become notorious for trusted awesomeness!
Example: 12 Days of Give Aways
reached 1 million people…



Network Special
For one low price get a post on
Duane’s huge Social Media Network!
Sunshine Coast Facebook Page
Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus,
Tumblr, Pinterest….



Top of Website Header Ad
$39 week or $100 month <based on 3 months>
On average 10,000+ people visit this website per month
(does not include graphics. 468 by 60.)
Header Ad links to your Website



Scrolling Promotional Banner Ad
$20 week or $65 month <based on 3 months>
The promotional banner scrolls near top of website,
currently it features articles which will be replaced with advertising.
On average 10,000+ people visit this website per month
(does not include graphics)
Promotion Ad links to  your Website




Every social media expert will tell you, your online business success depends on networking and content, content, content! Getting your name out there on other people’s websites is just plain good for business!


Take a look at a GOOGLE search of “Duane Burnett”

I totally dominate the first page with over
1.3 million hits because so many people link to me.


Google Search Duane Burnett


I can get you out to numerous top social media platforms and as many thousands of people your budget can afford. (Take a look at the list of social media links at the bottom…….)

EXAMPLE: Coast Gravity Park.  A crowd source funding campaign reached 140,000 people in Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, and even Germany! Over 600 people “liked” the article and shared it on Facebook.


Social media allows for dynamic exciting
information easily shared online and viral

People love information, photos, videos, to learn new things and share what they found with friends and family!


EXAMPLE from Professional Sleep Consultant, Diana Obleman
5 tips on how to get your kids to bed at night stress free, 


“A smart (and affordable) way for a local business to increase its online visibility.
Much better ROI than traditional advertising.”
  Good Deals Sunshine

“Duane holds Huge Awesome Prize Giveaways!!!
We Love You Duane; we the Sunshine Coast would be Impossibly Lost without
your Advice, Promotion, Personality, and Total Love of our Coast!!!!!!

Myself, being a Welcome Wagon Rep. Loves to be caught up on everything;
from your Postings; for all my New Coaster and New Moms Visits.

Love You Duane, Judith Hewitt, Welcome Wagon!!!!!!”



The article will be broadcast on my “Sunshine Coast BC Canada” page with 4,000 plus friends (reach of 800,000 people according to facebook stats, and upwards of 1/2 a million views a month).
Duane is also followed by Canada’s largest media outlets from the Province Newspaper to Global TV, CBC, CTV BC and more… So many national news corporations that when they pick up on a story I publish it goes insane! EXAMPLE: Cougar Trio Photos


I have approximately 7,000 Sunshine Coast friends on my various pages and networks who tell me they get their news primarily from me these days.

Google Analytics tells me my website had 100,000 visits in 2013.

I have a followers from Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Powell River, Sea to Sky, British Columbia, and around the world.

About 65% of my social media base are female, while a hugely strong showing from males is often seen checking out articles. I have a wide appeal with ALL ages represented across the scale from tweens to seniors pretty much evenly with a higher curve in the coveted market of 20 to 40 year olds.

This is just a general overall, it will be different for everyone. I would need a head shot of you and a short bio about yourself and your business in relation to the coast although this offer is available to anyone anywhere. My web following and focus is expanding worldwide now. (photo of business or products only if you are shy)

Also a photo of the product/service you offer. I am also able to google image quite creatively. Youtube videos a HUGE bonus!!

The guest article would include any and all links you want such as your website or fb page and your business address etc

Quick Summary 

  • headshot (optional) or photo of business
  • short bio about yourself or your business
  • store description/address/directions/contact/
  • product/store photo (I also offer event photography and product shots)
  • informational article/advertorial/blog (does not have to be epic)
  • photo related to article
  • youtube video a bonus (I also offer video services and editing)
  • links (facebook, website etc)
  • google maps link? (I can figure this out on my own)
  • poster
  • bonus /special offer!


Please email in ‘one packet’ to
duaneburnett (at) gmail (dot) com
with specific “subject heading”


I’m going to start thinking about my article, hmmm, I think mine will be…
“What Bodybuilding is Teaching Me About Being an Effective Community Leader & Entrepreneur!” 🙂 Charlene SanJenko



I am VERY impressed!! The coverage you bring to the Sunshine Coast is worth WAY more than the low price of $79 in the new year. This is a great deal that Im sure positive people will buy into because you are the web master, and social media guru!! Im working on my article now:)  Lynette Legault 



Depending on the theme and topic, it will be published into one of the categories you can see to the right of the website page or on the tabs along the top.

The date of publishing is flexible to your needs and I will stretch out sharing your article so that you get more maximum effect.


I also strongly suggest some sort of extra special limited time offer, maybe $10 off, a gift, a prize draw in your business, mention “Duane Burnett” for a special, brainstorming…..  Be creative! 


I also offer video production/editing services, as well professional event photography.

If you have any further questions please ask?



LinkedIn skills & expertise recommendations graph
LinkedIn skills & expertise recommendations graph





Duane Burnett


Chris Mortensen
Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photography Specialist

Duane is a fantastic and motivated creative who’s passions for his community, province and the world at large, come through in every project with great volume. I look forward to many more years of creative interaction along side this inspirational man.

Jeannine Williams
Marketing Manager

Duane Burnett is a multi-talented man who, during the time I worked with him, had developed a thousands-strong social network and used it to promote and connect arts, charity and business on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. Before there was Groupon, there was Duane, the man businesses trusted to advertise their products and services, hold contests, and drive people to their doors.

He is also an accomplished actor, news reporter and photographer. He is well-liked and can always be counted on to provide professional entertainment on the stage, in front of a camera, online and in person. Had Duane not chose to make the beautiful Sunshine Coast his home, no doubt he would have done very well in Hollywood!

Embers Moore
Spiritual Empowerment Coach at Majik Moments Healing Products & Services

Duane is an awesome individual and has created a vast networking system on the Sunshine Coast. He is an incredible actor, photographer and excels at everything that he says he can do. He is also supportive of other peoples endeavors. You can only do right by having Duane on your team.

Laurie McConnell
Editor/Publisher at Sunshine Coast Magazine;

CEO & Founder Bad Dog Design Inc., Web Design

Duane is very well-known in our regional area as a ‘Community Champion’. Duane has chronicled the life of the Sunshine Coast community for over 10 years, and I have linked to and promoted his work during that time through my own company.

Duane has new media skills that are in high demand in today’s communication environment – photography, image production, video interviewing, show host, social networking. His style is very upbeat and social, much along the line of many entertainment shows. He is a personality all on his own and would make a wonderful host for an interview show or video series. He has a knack for getting people to open themselves up to being interviewed; many people can run a camera and cobble together a video, but he has the enviable combination of being good behind and in front of the camera.

His strengths are prolific content production, and very fast turnaround. He ‘beats’ others who are caught up in minor details when it’s speed that counts.


Heather Conn
Ghost writer at Heather Conn

Duane brings passion, integrity, and strong values to all the work that he does. Whether it’s photography, community advocacy, business promotion, or creative entertainment, Duane invests himself 110 per cent. Quick with ideas and innovative solutions, he is particularly skilled at social media and computer software. I recommend him for any position that allows him to collaborate and shine creatively. He is a great asset to any business.


Have you subscribed to my website? 

I’m available to help out if you are stuck for ideas or
need assistance with anything. I also trade/barter 😀

It’s Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane Burnett


MY EMAIL >>>>   duaneburnett <at>


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