This young amputee man’s stunts on crutches will inspire and amaze you!




Watch this inspiring and incredible video of stunts and tricks by amputee Nico Calabria, a young  man using forearm crutches by Sidestix to get around.




Nico tells me

“I owe my athletic mobility to them, and I felt like there was no better way to give back.

I really want the word out about SideStix because I want any one else in my position to have the opportunity to reach their athletic potential.

Also I absolutely love editing footage, I had a blast putting the video together.”


SideStix has always been about removing boundaries.

Nico Calabria uses both the SideStix Boundless Pro forearm crutch and the SideStix Discovery Pro forearm crutch – depending upon his activities.  Nico lives in Concord, Massachusetts and is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana.


In this video Nico pushes his SideStix to the limits, performing unimaginable parkour stunts as well as showcasing his soccer skills. Watch Nico sprint, jump and leap his way over a variety of obstacles and make precision shots on net!

Nico is one of the original SideStix testers and an amazing kid, so take a moment to share. Remember to thumbs-up his video if you enjoyed watching (located on the bottom left of the YouTube video).

We look forward to more videos from Nico and hope this inspires others to send in their own SideStix clips, regardless of ability!


VIDEO: Parkour Stunts on Stix

SideStix user Nico demonstrates a variety of extreme stunts, tricks and uses for his forearm crutches.

SideStix forearm crutches are available online at and ship world-wide.

Watch Nico sprint, jump and leap his way over a variety of obstacles and make shots on net!

Featuring and edited by Nico Calabria
Filmed by Carl Calabria
Music: Ghostwriter by RJD2





SideStix Ventures developed the first and only damper shock absorbent crutches with attachable tips for a variety of terrains from neighbourhood streets to snow covered mountains. Researched, designed and tested “by users for users” for over eight years.

The story of SideStix goes back to a tragic event in 1973 when a drunk driver hit Sarah Doherty while riding her bicycle. Her leg was amputated at the accident. A promising young athlete, she continued to excel in sports through a local adaptive ski program which introduced her to adaptive equipment. Sarah became competent in the activities she valued by learning the art of adapting equipment.

In the early 80’s, while ski racing as a member of the US Disabled Ski Team, Sarah’s interest in climbing developed and she started adapting climbing equipment to pursue this passion. This was the beginning of SideStix.

SideStix Ventures was incorporated in 2009 and operates on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

SideStix Ventures promotes healthy, active, adventurous exploration of the world around us, by providing joint protection and crutch tips to suit all conditions, from neighbourhood streets to snow covered mountains.



How amazing is this young man Nico! What a wonderful video. Well done!!!

I told the Ellen DeGeneres TV show about this video and Sidestix. I hope you will too!

It is so great to see local Sunshine Coast BC business Sidestix making a difference to so many in the world. Just wonderful!!!

It’s Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! : D   Duane Burnett

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