Sunshine Coast residents join 1000’s at Occupy Vancouver rally


NO MORE MONKEY BUSINESS ON WALL STREET says Occupy Sechelt via Fresh from the Coast. Photo (C) Laurie McConnell



On October 15th 1000’s joined Occupy Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery including several Sunshine Coast residents who share their story and photos with us…

Gibsons resident Allegra Mills shares her experience with taking her daughters to the rally, and Kiara Burk, also from Gibsons, shares some photos she took at the rally.

If you attended the rally too, please send me a photo and short write up! Thanks Duane


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Reegan and Eilis MacKenzie at Occupy Vancouver Oct 15th, 2011. Vancouver Art Gallery #occupywallstreet

“Occupy Vancouver provided an opportunity for my family to engage civically and learn about the nature of protest itself.

My husband and I took our two daughters, age nine and thirteen to participate. What a teachable moment for my children!

They witnessed the alternative press, corporate media, police and a diverse cross-section of community come together to peacefully express their views and report this news to the world.

Our family was interviewed by Global, appeared on the news and observed the press send their reports via the worldwide web.

We relished the experience of respectfully exchanging ideas with the police, media and citizens; for this I am grateful.

My thirteen year old asked questions all the way home as she digested and made sense of the day’s events.
Yesterday was proof that protests are not exclusively for the disenfranchised – families have a central place in these events.

We can really take pride in the goodness of humanity; there really is hope for a better world.
Allegra Mills, Gibsons BC


Photos (C) Kiara Burk


Occupy Vancouver

October 15th, 2011.

Photos Kiara Burk

From Gibsons, BC











Liam Rainey, Gibsons, BC

Liam Rainey at Occupy Vancouver

“The worldwide Occupy movement has been criticized as being a gathering of left wing hippies hanging around with no objective goal. Going to the Art Gallery and walking around on the opening day of Occupy Vancouver reaffirmed in my mind the fact that the critics are the ones hanging around with no objective goal. While the left wing hippie demographic were definitely represented, so were all the other demographics. Among the crowd of marchers and sign holders were mothers and fathers, children and babies, people in leather jackets, people in suits, immigrants, physically and mentally disabled people, old people, LGBT people and even rich people. The point being that everyone was there, this protest doesn’t lack in an objective goal, it’s an example of the objective goal: equality.” Liam Rainey, Gibsons, BC




Occupy Vancouver:
3,000+ bring power to the people

by Heather Conn, Roberts Creek, BC

A handful of friends and I from British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast sat on the edge of the mosaic fountain in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, surrounded by people of every age, ethnicity, and background: infants, white-haired grandmothers, laid-off workers, disgruntled professionals, business people in suits, women in high heels and fashionable dress, bohemians in masks and costumes . .  Read MORE..







Amazing to see the Occupy movement begin with a tongue in cheek ad in Vancouver’s AdBusters Magazine calling on people to #occupywallstreet and turn into a world wide revolution! The beggining starts here…

What does the #Occupy mean to you? Post a reply/comment below…

It’s Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane Burnett


FURTHER READING:  Canada rally’s behind #OccupyWallStreet


Occupy Sunshine Coast

Occupy Vancouver

Occupy Canada

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