Sustainable Cycling Tour Rolls Through Sunshine Coast



Cycling and Performing Touring Group Delivers Play on Environmental Issues


A group of 16 young people from across Canada are visiting the Sunshine Coast BC Canada to offer a performance of a play entitled Taking Action.

They are cycling through British Columbia armed with an inspiring message of youth empowerment and sustainable consumption as part of the Sunshine Coast Tour organized by The Otesha Project.

The comedic and inspiring play shows the story of average Canadians who are choosing to be extraordinary.

Audience members explore what ignites individuals to take action, and what challenges and rewards are encountered in the process. The characters in the play – and the audience – are sent on a journey toward the path to sustainability, exploring positive choices we can make along the way.

The members of the traveling theatre troupe make up a mobile sustainable community and cycle from performance to performance, braving the elements, and opening conversations in communities about how we can live more sustainably.

As they pedal more than 1,250 kilometres across British Columbia, they will explore all the ups and downs of directly addressing environmental and social justice issues through their own every day actions.

The Otesha Project was founded in 2002, and is a youth-led charitable organization that uses theatre to mobilize young people to create local and global change through their daily consumer choices. The Otesha Project has now performed to many more than 100,000 people across Canada and won awards for their innovative and effective youth engagement programs.

The touring youth group performed The Rolling Earth Farm and Retreat in Roberts Creek  on Monday Sept 19th and on Tuesday Sept 20th at Chatelech Secondary where they are holding a workshop following the performance. Another performance will be held in Sechelt in the evening for the One Straw Society.
After that the cyclist depart from Sechelt to Halfmoon Bay on Wednesday Sept 21st, then Ruby Lake on Sept 22nd and Powell River on Sept 23.

“We will each be pedalling over 1,000 kms to spread the message of sustainability while delivering thought-provoking, theatre performances and workshops, to over 2,000 young Canadians.

Best of all, we will be doing all of this, while living and operating as a mobile and sustainable community. Leading by example, is the Otesha way!!”


If you’d like to keep track of where the Sunshine Coast Tour members are, you can subscribe to the “Notes from the Road” by clicking here:

The Sunshine Coast Tour members met for the first time in person on Sept 3rd at Southland Farm in Delta, B.C., for our training week. 


Great to welcome the youth cyclists to the Sunshine Coast with their extremely important message about sustainability.

When you still see development going ahead right here on the Sunshine Coast like Monster Homes and urban sprawl with little thought to taking them off the grid, making them sustainable and self sufficient and respecting wildlife corridors and nature it really makes you wonder who didn’t get the memo and why they continue to vote and approve destruction of the planet. Really pisses me off!!!

It’s Always a Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane Burnett


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