Sunshine Coast Beach Goes Nude and Alcohol Friendly

Will Clothing Optional and Public Consumption of Alcohol be allowed at Roberts Creek beach?




Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) staff have put forward a plan to designate Roberts Creek beach clothing optional and alcohol friendly beginning this Summer.



Will Clothing Optional and Public Consumption of Alcohol be allowed at Roberts Creek beach?
Will Clothing Optional and Public Consumption of Alcohol be allowed at Roberts Creek beach?



Dr. Apriph Houles, President of the local Sunshine Coast chapter of Nudity is Not a Crime emailed the SCRD last month outlining a series of proposals to update liquor and clothing optional laws on coast beaches starting in Roberts Creek.


“I’m elated! They stripped down many of my originals suggestion however this is a great step forward that I think the community will be happy with.”


Houles sent me a copy of the email which highlighted several key suggestions including

  • designating the entire beach clothing optional,
  • allowing public consumption of alcohol,
  • building designated safe fire pits along the beach
  • permitting vendors to sell everything from food, cold drinks, t-shirts to marijuana.


According to a March 17th article in The Province Newspaper “Should you be allowed to drink in public? The provincial government wants to know”


The B.C. government is seeking input from municipalities and police on a little-known — and never used — provision of B.C.’s current liquor laws…

B.C.’s Liquor Control and Licensing Act includes a provision, on the books since the 1970s, letting municipalities designate certain spaces within their jurisdictions “as a place where liquor may be consumed.” But, according to the B.C. government, there is no evidence that provision has been used.


Sunshine Coast Tourism Society President Lowrie McKonnel said “this will cause a huge rise in tourists and rival Vancouver’s Wreck Beach.”


The SCRD staff have stripped down the original proposal to only include designating the far end of Roberts Creek beach as ‘clothing optional’ plus allowing the consumption of alcohol on the entire beach.



Google Earth view of Roberts Creek beach on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada.
Google Earth view of Roberts Creek beach on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada.



“The reality is Roberts Creek beach has always allowed ‘unofficial’ nudity and drinking, this just brings our local laws in line with the rest of the world.”


Nude beaches became popular along the French coast during the 1950’s according to Wikipedia and have since spread around the world.


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  1. Of course this is a great idea and it looks like a great location for said clothing optional beach. However, I’m inclined to think this is more of an April Fools Day wishful thinking piece of prose.

  2. Wish it wasn’t a joke… primarily regarding the nude beach. Wreck is the only one we’ve got! It’s really a shame.

  3. The Sunshine Coast is one of the few places on British Columbia’s shoreline where a pilot project for something such as this might have the proper community background to establish and maintain the community standards of respect and responsibility that would make it viable, and possibly become the example of how it could be done in other areas.

    Key points that would need to be addressed early on would be ensuring that recycling and respect for both the land and the ocean was a base value understood by all taking advantage of the new freedoms, followed closely by standards of behavior regarding the comfort and safety of both self and others.

    At an initial level, “getting it’s feet wet” as it were, the first trial could be in designating specific days or occasions where the public consumption of alcohol was permitted.

    While the clothing optional modification to the regulations surrounding the use of a public area touches on what is really quite arbitrary, the free consumption of alcohol could lead to problems in the absence of a universal understanding of what personal and social responsibility requires.

    Whether on a trial basis or ongoing, it is likely that having volunteer “monitors” on the beach who are understood to be moderators and mediators with the full support of all members of the public using the environment, could mitigate in advance many of the issues that might arise.

    Ideally there would be some sort of screening and training for such volunteers, based on standards established by the larger community of users of the beach and surrounding community, and when actively performing their duties they could wear high visibility vests with an appropriate and distinctive marking, and be held accountable to a personal standard of behavior while responsible for fulfilling that role.

    (possibly “no glass bottles” might have a place in the overall picture, pointy shards and naked folks don’t mix so good, eh?)

  4. Might want to check your facts! Laurie McConnel is not nor has ever been the president of Sunshine Coast Tourism. she is a wondeful advocate for tourism, just saying you gotta check your facts.

  5. Is the clothing optional a real thing is it actually going to happen. If so it’s time something like should happen. And yes I am all for it. As I went to nude beach in Manitoba all the time with beer and had small pits to make a fire and roast weiners and burgers. Let’s go BC.

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