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Peace Love and Paint – A Roberts Creek Mandala Documentary

May 1, 2011

Director/Producer Ryan White




Peace Love and Paint is a 25 minute documentary of the annual Roberts Creek, BC Mandala painting, outlining the importance of art in community.



Director/Producer Ryan White says the documentary is about “the union of family and friends expressed through the visuals of each individuals participation.”

The community project culminates each year on July 25 to celebrate the Mayan “day out of time” and the completion of the Mandala painting.


Peace Love and Paint – A Roberts Creek Documentary from Ryan William White on Vimeo.


Ryan White is a focused and motivated Director/ Producer.

He grew up in Roberts Creek, BC attending Elphinstone Secondary School in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada.

Ryan moved to New York 2 years ago creating and learning the art of film production. Recently he has been working on 2 feature films along side editing and event shooting for Bluroc TV.

Ever since he was young Ryan wanted to make movies.

“I loved to pick up the camera and edit on my VCR as a kid.”

Ryan moved on to film school in 2001 and continued studying through the years. He shot a short documentary in 2007 called Peace Love and Paint with aired many times on local television and sold over 400 copies.

Since moving to NY he  has worked in Fashon video with Douglas Keeve documenting the lives of the fashion elite and helping create a video shown at the FDA fashion awards.

He have Interviewed stars on the red carpet worked on multiple short films and professional video content for Glass Note records.

Ryan recently started a group based in Brooklyn called Busy as Hell Makin’ Movies or BAHMM, with over 90 members this network is available to anyone who is interested in building a successful career in the film production business.

This summers he will the 1st AD on a horror suspense film shot in Bosnia. Check out their facebook page.

After a month and a half there, Ryan will come back and focus on Mrs. Foster which he is the Director of Photography and as you know in independent film, many other roles.

During the time in between Ryans is shooting music videos and working with bands on lifestyle pieces including working with Damon Dash founder of Rockefeller records and Rocawear on a number of projects.

This weekend Ryan will be shooting a music video on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset for Rap artist ky’ly’ntae and shooting a concert for Brooklyn Based rock group midnight spin.

In another two weeks from now he is shooting a little short movie that Ryan wrote while managing a group of 50 people in his own busy as hell makin movies group he started in NYC.

This is all being done after he work hours as a construction superintendent on a 3000 sq foot tribecca apartment to pay the bills!

Ryan will keep us posted  on what exiting projects he is up to next!

For more INFO:

It’s Always A Good Day on the Sunshine Coast! Duane Burnett

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